With or without alcohol, a cocktail is always enjoyable

When talking about colorful, refreshing cocktails, summer, beach, vacation and relaxation are the first thought, but a cocktail tastes heavenly throughout the whole year although there is no beach nearby.

You can treat yourself to this happy summer feeling in the cocktail glass in the heart of Munich at any time.


Koli's Cocktail Bar & Lounge is the perfect place to meet friends and enjoy the best selection of cocktails. What more could you ask for? Popular cocktails such as Whiskey Sour, Mai Tai, Sex on the Beach, Long Island Iced Tea, Cuba Libre, Mojito and the traditional Brazilian Caipirinha may have been tried before.


But would you like to seduce your taste buds in a whole new and different way? Then come by and experience unique moments of pleasure in a pleasant atmosphere with cocktails such as Koli's Dream, Koli's Bar Schmecker and ginger touch. Only in person you can find out how the Wachmacher Cocktail tastes and why it bears this name. Curious? Koli's Cocktail Bar & Lounge welcomes you!

For every taste, for every occasion, for every moment – it's Koli's Bar – Cafe and Cocktail Lounge in Munich.

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Most drinks in Munich

If you have not tried traditional Munich beer, then this is your perfect opportunity. Augustiner or Franziskaner beer– unique taste and pleasure are guaranteed.

The selection of different, colorful cocktails leaves nothing to be desired. Mojito, Sex on the Beach, Mai Tai and Long Island Iced Tea are just an excerpt from the abundant supply. But we also recommend trying our special cocktails: Koli's Dream, Koli's Bar Schmecker and the notorious Wachmacher Cocktail.

Wine lovers can enjoy a glass of finest quality wines in a comfortable atmosphere. There are also numerous varieties of aperitifs, long drinks, shots, whiskey, cognac, as well as soft drinks and fresh juices.


Cool beer, first-class wine or refreshing cocktail – drinks for every taste


Good food with good drinks and a unique atmosphere – Koli's Bar & Lounge in Munich


Stylishly furnished, with a comfortable atmosphere and an ideal location in the heart of Munich, Koli's Bar & Lounge is perfect for any type of event. Whether smaller private parties for selected guests, or larger events such as birthday party and company party – our Bar & Lounge is the ideal location for any special occasion.

Company party

Company party in the center of Munich – no stress, just relaxation and a good mood

Birthday party

Want a place for a smaller or larger birthday party? Koli's Bar & Lounge is perfect for that!

Private Party

Family and Christmas party, wedding, anniversary, graduation – the ideal place for any celebration according to your individual wishes


Book your table at Koli's Bar & Lounge or book the Bar & Lounge for your personal celebration

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